FUGAZIのベースJOE LALLYソロアルバムリリース!



Joe Lally: There To Here

Joe Lally - bass, vocals
Also Featuring;
Jerry Busher - drums
Amy Farina - drums, backing vocals
Danny Frankel - percussion
Eddie Janney - guitar
Jason Kourkounis - percussion
Ian MacKaye - guitar, backing vocals
Guy Picciotto - guitar, recorder
Antonia Tricarico - backing vocals
Scott Weinrich - guitar

13 songs
Recorded: Winter/Spring 2006
Available on vinyl
Available on cd

1. Reason To Believe
2. The Resigned
3. Sons and Daughters
4. Like A Baby
5. Lidia's Song
6. Billiards
7. X-Ray The Lullaby
8. There To Here
9. Pick A War
10. Message From Earth
11. Factory Warranty
12. Perforated Line
13. All Must Pay

Recorded at Inner Ear Studios and Dischord House. Engineeered by Don Zientara and Ian MacKaye.
Mixed by Ian MacKaye and Joe Lally. Mastered by Chad Clark at Silver Sonya